Adrián N. Bravi Adrián N. Bravi


  • (La pelusa)
  • pages: 152 - 14x20
  • published: 01/01/2007
Adrián N. Bravi Adrián N. Bravi


The protagonist of this short novel has a phobia of dust. For him decadence manifests itself in that light and insidious pollen that deposits itself on everything without our even noticing. So he passes his time fighting it with doggedness and wisdom, obliging his wife to do the same. But while you can fight dust, you cannot beat it, and the narrator, a librarian by trade, seeks to vent his frustrations in a collection of letters made up of messages that his computer always sends back to him. Until one day Adrián Bravi (it’s really him) turns up at the library and reveals the same obsession. So do soul mates really exist? Someone that understands what terrible trap hides in the dust, or better yet in the dust bunnies, that fuzz that accumulates on objects, that intangible snare that destroys every hope of purity, clarity, maybe of happiness? Now it’s time to look for this Adrián Bravi, who seems to have disappeared without a trace. An original and compelling novel.


Payot-Rivages (France), Dalkey (UK/USA).