Paolo Morelli

Handbook for getting lost in the mountains

Published: 22-06-2017
Pages: 120

Ermanno Cavazzoni writes about this book: “In this little handbook about ‘mountain-philosophy’ Morelli considers it fortunate that the earth is wrinkled and will continue to wrinkle and give birth to hills and mountains, even though water is smoothing the continents and making them fit for metalled roads and the civilization of the wheel. This book is written for those who enjoy such information and hold out hope that the sea and everything connected with it – beaches, cabins and bathers – might move farther away. It’s for those who believe that the sea and the mountains are poles apart”. An “anti-manual”, very amusing, for mountain tramps who live out their passions far from the beaten track, prepared for any kind of encounter, from clouds to hawks, from the chamois to the griffon. A list of tools and encounters that are likewise tales, revelations and unexpected laughs.

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