Walter Siti

To pay or not to pay? L'evaporazione del denaro

Published: 01-03-2018

How has the relationship with money changed in the last few decades?

In this pamphlet, Walter Siti calling also on his personal experience, tells of a transformation that is taking place today. He talks about a generation that has known the ‘pleasure of paying”, the one that derives from the satisfaction of being paid and ultimately defines the very identity of a person (“paying was a watered-down version of praying”). For digital natives instead the mental parameters have deeply changed: to pay and be paid “has become more casual. Working in order to be able to buy is more of a theory than a fact. The very relationship with the concept of economy has become more tense, indolent and desperate at the same time.

The concept of paying becomes the starting point for a reflection and a sociological and historical analysis of the cultural and economic dynamics that are upsetting our time.

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