Laura Pigozzi

Zero adolescence Hikikomori, cutters, ADHD and the denied growth

Published: 20-06-2019
Pages: 256
Adolescence is the age of folding and anesthesia, but also of the sudden opening and instinctual and vital explosion. And yet, despite being more followed and looked after than in the past, adolescents now appear more alone and restless than ever.
Adolescence is, in effect, a mortal passage: the body of the child dies while that of the young adult is born; and the old function of the parent dies despite the new effort to be born. As in every crossing, more often than should be, we risk being shipwrecked: in the transition from family to school, from parents to friends, something goes wrong.
Adolescence zero examines the processes that lead to increasingly widespread disorders among adolescents: hikikomori, cutting, reborn dolls, anaphativity, weakening of eroticism, hyposexualization. These are various definitions and each with many variations, yet between the adolescent who deserts and what seems to proceed on a quiet track - sometimes too quiet - there is more continuity than one might imagine. Using authors such as Lacan, Deleuze, Agamben, Laura Pigozzi proposes a lucid and innovative critical analysis, punctuated by the reference to real facts and able to take into account the historical, social, cultural and psycho-emotional context.
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