Giulia Corsalini

Kolja Una storia familiare

Published: 18-06-2020
Pages: 264

One summer, in the home of a seaside village, a couple separateci for years, welcomes three Ukrainian children: they are Natasa and the brothers Kolja and Katja, who arrived in Italy from their orphanage to spend "recovery holidays". Thus, Natalia and Marcello find themselves trying to put together the pieces of their compromised relationship, to face an experience that proves immediately unsettling: what do they expect from these foreign children, difficult to decipher and already scared by life? And what can they give them, not even the illusion of harmony and trust, if they are the first to no longer orient themselves in their suspended and disappointing existences? At the end of a period divided for all between tendemess and disorientation, everything seems to retum as before, but with a new load of doubts and suspended expectations: the children in their distant orphanage, Marcello bent over his Latin studies, Natalia reabsorbed by her skittish disposition. Until, during the conflict that broke out in Ukraine, all traces of the troubled, fragile Kolja are lost; and for the couple, the search for the child widens to questions that have become pressing on responsibility, on the sense of being parents and on the difficult - possible? - construction of an irregular family, which brings together the delicate balance of five uncertain and intertwined destinies.

Giualia Corsalini' s writing brings us to the heart of things, and even the landscapes seem to come alive: at the end you have the impression of feeling the scent of that sea, of knowing the inhabitants of that town, of living the panorama of the night walk route of this improvised, and in someway lacking, "family".

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