Adrián N. Bravi Adrián N. Bravi

The flood

  • published: 04/09/2015
Adrián N. Bravi Adrián N. Bravi


In The flood water transforms things while stopping the flow of time and he, Morales, sails over it. If you place a magnifying glass before an object or a fact, you deform it in order to take a better look, don’t you? And that’s what I like to do.

Adrián N. Bravi


Ilario Morales lives with his dog in an attic of Río Sauce, a town named after the river that used to run through it and that has now completely flooded it: only roofs, poles, tree tops emerge… Morales is the only person still living there, everyone else has left as soon as the water began to rise. Bravi tells the stories of lone rangers, madmen and drunkards floating like empty bottles. With his enchanting voice, he tells a story on the surface of water, where all human adventures, threats, promises, losses and affections happen in the measured silence of a suspended life. The river marks the rhythm, coming slowly and surely as fate, mysterious and seductive as time.

“Every page is a charming and poetical journey. Il Venerdì di Repubblica

“Those who have already read his work will recognise Bravi’s voice and expression in his latest novel, The Flood: the captivating and astounding tone of his prose, his sharp and indulgent eyes, his way of always keeping an attentive eye on his characters”. Corriere della sera

“Bravi, Argentinian living in Recanati, has created a painful and dream-like metaphor. Just like his prose, he doesn’t forget his Latin American origins”. Gioia



Best book of the month September 2015 for RaiRadio3 Fahrenheit


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