Adrián N. Bravi Adrián N. Bravi

South 1982

  • (Sud 1982)
  • pages: 188 - 14x20
  • published: 01/05/2008
Adrián N. Bravi Adrián N. Bravi


“You must not think, soldier. You must only obey. And if I tell you that tomorrow does not exist, you must commit yourself to doing everything today”. In 1982 Argentina was in crisis: a country torn apart by dissent against the military coup called a generation to arms in the hope that patriotic sentiment and an easy lightning war could reunite the nation. Adrián Bravi tells the story of the Falklands War through two recruits in whose eyes the tragedy of an absurd conflict becomes comedy. Sud 1982 captures the emotions of war through characters waiting to be discharged: the newly enlisted, the men who return home but continue to feel themselves soldiers, and those who walk around a military camp with a book of poetry in their uniform pocket. The sense remains beyond the excruciating wait that war imposes on those who reluctantly participate in it. The ironic voice of a modern Soldier Schweik recounts the last war between western countries, a war that is every war.



Popoli in cammino Award 2008


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