Adrián N. Bravi Adrián N. Bravi

The comb-over

  • (Il riporto)
  • pages: 156 - 14x20
  • published: 01/01/2011
Adrián N. Bravi Adrián N. Bravi


Arduino Gherarducci, descendant of a family with a penchant for comb-over hairstyles – some bearing to one side of the head, others down the middle – cannot wait to go bald to try out Julius Caesar’s particular version: forwards with a fringe. Although proud of his own comb-over, it does have serious drawbacks. Any prankster, draught or gust of wind might uncover it. When the worst eventually happens, Arduino decides to give up his life as an expert of bibliographic data exchange formats and depart for Lapland. His flight stops short on a mountain in Le Marche though, where his improvised existence as a hermit takes an unexpected turn…
With all his customary humour and vivid imagination, Bravi confirms his unique status among Italian contemporary writers.


Frisch&Co (UK/USA). Film rights sold to Nukleus production (Croatia).


Shortlisted for the Comisso Award 2011


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