Adrián N. Bravi Adrián N. Bravi

The tree and the cow

  • (L'albero e la vacca)
  • pages: 160 - 15x21
  • published: 01/09/2013
Adrián N. Bravi Adrián N. Bravi


L’albero e la vacca, the latest novel by Adrián N. Bravi, tells the story of Adamo, who watches his parents’ separation from up in a tree. Perched on the branch of the yew after eating its very poisonous berries, Adamo sees a placid cow appear before his eyes. This vision protects him from the discovery that adults are made of different stuff to children, and can imagine separations, divisions and neglect that children would never dream of. The berries from the public gardens of Recanati turn Adamo into a seer who tells others that nothing is really true. In his comic and visionary prose, Adrián N. Bravi turns everyday occurrences into a fantastic adventure, and the opposite sometimes as well.


Edhasa (world Spanish)


Winner of Bergamo Fiction Prize 2014


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